As President of Destination Living, Craig provides oversight for business plan development and guidance for all sales and marketing activities. This work is conducted on behalf of all the developer and financial partners to the developments and communities that Destination Living manages. He manages day-to-day activities while working with developers and financial partners on their future inventory and development plans. This is crucial to help them stay ahead of any trends or changes in the marketplace.  

Craig has been an integral part of taking over and turning around multiple developments throughout his career. Some of these projects include Taberna, Cypress Landing, Haig Point, Reunion Resort and Club, Bella Collina, Summerhouse, and Salters Haven. Craig finds great passion in taking over projects that are stuck or in a stagnant situation and figuring out how to turn them around. While people try to poach talent from other companies in most businesses, one of the things he enjoys most is looking for young professionals with a passion for success and taking the time to train and develop talent for our industry.

In Craig’s free time you will most likely  find him in one of two places; hanging with his wife and two daughters, hanging on his boat, “Destination Reelty.”